Data Battle-By-Post Gen 8.1 Official Beginning!

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It's been about a month overdue, but BBP Gen 8.1 is ready to go! In addition to new moves introduced from the Isle of Armor DLC, we also have a slew of quality-of-life and balance updates! Pokemon stats have been shifted around somewhat, Draining Moves have a healing cap, BAP increasing and decreasing Abilities no longer stack, and D/E (suspend) is a thing of the past. Plus, we have a lot of exciting item tweaks that should introduce variety and spice into the Item metagame! There's more, too -- for a full list of changes, I strongly recommend visiting the Gen 8.1 Omnibus Thread if you have not already.

Because of these updates, Trainers will be required to update their Profiles. This will be done in the Gen 8.1 Profile Update Thread. In there, you will find detailed instructions for how to apply your updates. Until your profile is updated, you will not be able to start new battles.

For the sake of ongoing battles (such as our Tournament battles), we are still maintaining a Gen8.0 Data Audit spreadsheet, which you can find at the bottom of the Resource Compendium.

If you have any questions, message a mod or bring them to our Discord channel.

Happy battling!
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